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Jackie Hackett

Jackie Hackett
NYS Licensed RE Salesperson

I am a native New Yorker. I have spent most of my life in Rockland County. I know this area very well. I am a life- long equestrian and horse owner and I do a lot of horse rescue work. My undergraduate degrees are in Business and Criminal Justice and I have a Law Degree. My career has been centered around sales and customer service. I have many years of experience in helping customers identify and achieve their goals. Excellence in service is my passion.

Many people have asked – Real Estate? Why? Did you need ONE more thing? LOL. Well, yes.

I have moved. A lot. A Lot, a lot. My nickname is The Gypsy because anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t stay anywhere for too long.

I have bought, sold, bought, sold and rented and rented and rented. I know both the excitement and the anxiety that comes from the whole process.I know about the search. Will my furniture fit? How’s the parking? Who takes care of the snow? Where’s the laundry? What about my pets? My commute from here? I know how it feels to be shown a dozen things that aren’t quite right and the panic and frustration that can create.

I know how it feels to finally find “the place.” The one you can see yourself in. The one that can house your life. The one that “feels” right.

I know about the cumbersome and tedious process. The paperwork, the applications, the seemingly endless questions and decisions.

I know how it feels to have to prepare something to sell. What do I fix? What do I paint? How do I make it look the best it can look? The odd feeling of having strangers discuss changing things that you have loved. The thousand times I have asked myself if I’m crazy because I get attached. I “feel” my homes. They are a part of me. I know about the amusement park ride of emotions and the exhaustion that comes from them.

I know how stressful moving can be. I know about packing. About taking pictures off walls. About touching everything you own and deciding whether it comes or goes. About how every single one of those things has a story and a memory associated with it and how you can end up sitting on the floor of your living room, in a pile of “stuff” that is a living photo album of your life, crying. About how every time something goes into the dumpster, it pulls at your heart strings a little.

I know how it is to feel like you’re alone in this cyclone. I have been fortunate. I have had anchors during my cyclones. I have also been the anchor for other people’s cyclones. Many, many times. I’m a really good anchor.

I know how it feels to put that last piece of packing tape on that last box and how it feels to then cut it open and suddenly it all feels new again. How you suddenly have a chance to begin anew. A fresh start. How uniquely comforting it can be to reinvent and recreate your living space. How the first night you lay in bed hearing all of the hears, smelling all of the smells and feeling all of the feels. And you exhale.

So that’s why.