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Barbara Atwell

Barbara focuses on Rockland and Westchester Counties, where she has lived for more than 30 years. In Westchester, she has resided in communities from Mount Vernon, Bronxville and Yonkers–in the middle of the county–, to the river towns of Hastings-on-Hudson and Irvington, in the west.

Barbara currently lives in Nyack, in Rockland County. She loves Nyack’s vibe with its relaxed atmosphere, quaint downtown, diversity of people, year round farmer’s market, bike riding and hiking opportunities and wealth of cultural offerings. In addition to enjoying the Nyacks, Barbara also frequents the surrounding communities of Piermont, Palisades, and Grandview-on-Hudson, among others.

In addition to working as an Associate Broker, Barbara is a certified feng shui consultant. Feng shui is the study of the energy of physical spaces, and the personal energy we bring to those spaces. It looks at the world as an energetic space that can support our objectives, such as better relationships, greater wealth, or more positive recognition at work. When looking at homes for her clients, Barbara helps meet their needs with a keen feng shui eye.

Barbara firmly believes that listening is key to success in real estate. She understands that by listening carefully to her clients, she will successfully serve their needs, whether they are buying or selling their homes.

In addition to her work with Weld Realty and feng shui consulting, Barbara is a law professor at Pace Law School in White Plains.